About Us

Accidental Genius Clothing™️ (AGC Brands, LLC) is a socially conscious streetwear brand that blends style with art and culture.

Created with the belief that fashion, especially “streetwear” should be not only stylish, but should convey a message; the brand is always willing to push the buttons and take the risk.

Our motto, “Genius Life-We Do What We Want!” is embedded in each and every design we create. We do not conform to what is “hot” or “right now”; we set the standard for ourselves. We are socially conscious. We are stylish. We are artist. And we are culturally inspired. We sew “street culture and knowledge” into everything we do.

In 2019, AGC launched our “Genius Life Initiative” which will assist young men and women from inner-cities with college tuition and expenses. A portion of every sell from our brand will be donated to the initiative, and will be awarded to a student or student(s) who is selected.

Our mission, is to not only make our mark on the fashion world but to inspire a whole new generation of “World Changerz” and creatives that would like to “DO WHAT THEY WANT!”


Stay Dope... Stay Humble... Stay Brilliant.